FNFlive Radio Show Leaves La Nueva FM
December 24, 2013 ē By Tiffani Knowles

FNFLive, a popular bilingual Christian hip hop radio show, will host its final show on La Nueva 88.3 FM on December 27 at 10 p.m. EST.


After broadcasting on Miamiís top Spanish FM radio station La Nueva 88.3 FM (WGNK) since 2002, FNFLive will no longer have its Friday night slot on the station due to La Nuevaís decision to head in a different direction in programming. The bi-lingual urban show played every Friday night in the city of Miami.


The final show already bears a social media hashtag ID -- #TYFNF. The finale will include many of the individuals who have been a part of the show since its inception like JBlaze, DJ Soundwav, Butta P of Rhema Soul, and others.


ďAfter almost 12 years, itís that time. Itís truly hard to say goodbye because Iíve always understood that there is still that one artist who hasnít been discovered,Ē Jblaze told JamtheHype.com.


JBlaze aka Manuel Garcia, the founder of FNFLive and its spinoff internet radio show and Fuego  web TV channel, was responsible for providing a media platform for most of South Floridaís urban gospel artists like Rey King, Rhema Soul, Cheno Lyfe, Anthony Rose, Probably Pablo, Mr. E, Authentik, and Social Club for over a decade.


Manuel has interviewed heavy hitters in the Spanish and English markets like Funky, Redimi2, Manny Montes, Andy Mineo, Sho Baraka, Tye Tribbett, Derek Minor, Trip Lee, Mali Music, Toby Mac and others.


Jblaze has not yet decided what the future of FNFLive will be at the time. He will give his Twitter followers updates on whatís next in the near future. Follow Jblaze to stay updated on the future of FNFLive: @JBLAZE305.


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