Christian Actress Edwina Findley Stars in new Tyler Perry/OWN show

Christian actress Edwina Findley stars in the cast of the Tyler Perry new drama series If Loving You Is Wrong slated to premiere on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on September 9.

Hear her live interview about her faith and fame on NEWDradio on Sept. 19!

11 Reasons (you may not know)Single Men Can't Find their Ruth, Esther or Mary

This is for the mature, Christian man only! Life coach Tobi Atte calls you out.

Here are 11 things that are keeping you from true love and marriage.

Just Thinking: 4 Ways Black Men Can Outsmart the Cops

After the race riots that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, Columnist V. Knowles claims that riots are nonsensical and young black men need to wise up.

He gives 4 simple instructions to outwit the cops and the rest of society.

Body+Soul:3 Reasons You Shouldn't Clean Your Ears

It sounds gross. But pushing a pen cap, a paper clip or even a Q-Tip in your ear isn't helping you. It's hurting you.

Read columnist Shari Grant's 3 reasons against cleaning our ears.

NYC Expo to Focus on Caribbean Industry Boasting Beaches, Business and Beyonce

What do Zoe Saldana, Beyonce and Meagan Good-Franklin all have in common? The Caribbean!

Kinky T-Shirt Line Launches for Hair Enthusiasts

Are you proud of your kinky ways?

In order to celebrate the kinks and coils native to Black women, Black Natural Hairstyles is partnering with One Throne Apparel to launch a T-Shirt line encouraging all women to Keep It Kinky.

"Natural Hairnamix" -- 7 Product Recipe


One of the biggest sources of confusion faced by naturals is product selection. What do I need? How do I know what to buy? What works best for my

hair care routine? These are

but a few questions that plague the minds of naturalistas. 


The choices are far and wide and the options sure will leave you in a state of frustration. 

The key to determining what is needed is to consider the basic processes that are involved in your hair care regimen. 

Candie's Natural Hairnamix was birthed a few months after Jamaican native Rossette "Candie" Allen began her natural hair journey in May 2010.

This week in "Candie's Natural Hairnamix": 7 Product Recipe