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Be Our Fan of the Month!

Okay. So. This is a big deal, guys!

We don't just choose any old wise guy or smart aleck to be our NEWD fan of the month.
It's a painstaking process where we pore through thousands of candidates every month. Not really. But, it's still a big deal.

You can join our coveted list of NEWD readers/listeners of the month, receive public acclaim and fabulous prizes by doing ANY of the following:

1. Read and Comment on the Most NEWD articles for the month!

2. Listen to and Chat/Call into the Most NEWDradio episodes for the month!

3. Act on the content of NEWD in a most AWESOME way! (eg. initiate a beach clean up because of a song you heard on NEWDradio ; start a cool club on your college campus because of an article you read, etc.)
And, as if that wasn't enough to reel you in, we love our fans to keep up with us on the ginormous, ever-evolving world of social networking:

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Whew! That's about all the virtual social networking we can handle for now without becoming a cyborg!

Looking forward to making you a fan of the month!

-- Tiffani Knowles, NEWD Managing Editor