NEWD Mission
NEWD Magazine is the publication for the artsy, independent-thinking twentysomething. From pop-style exposÚs and art-centered editorials to first-person perspectives on social injustice and new spiritual discoveries, we are committed to an intelligent no-holds-barred approach at covering life.

At NEWD, we use culture as a mirror to reflect and explore our world's more ultimate issues. NEWD is a Christian media company that is the subsidiary of Brackenson and Knowles, LLC and a partner to South Florida's premier inspirational entertainment services group, Soul Movement Crew.

NEWD Contents

From music to photography to film, we feature the latest, hottest news in the arts and entertainment circuit. A springboard for indie artists, NEWD gives mad play to artists "on the come up."


We make intelligent connections between prevailing pop culture and spiritual underpinnings.With our prayer room and faith builder editorials, NEWD is a dynamic, but extraordinarily useful tool in offering a holistic vision of human development that fosters positive spiritual growth.

Progressive Culture
Covering current events, twentysomething trends and social justice issues is at the heart of NEWD's content. We feature "slice of life" pieces and "me&now" stories depicting young
activists, entrepreneurs, and artists etching out their place and making a difference in the world.


NEWDradio, just like the magazine, is the audio source for the artsy, independent-thinking twentysomething. NEWDradio, an eclectic music, art, trends, politics, relationships and culture coupled with a dose of healthy spiritual perspectives, can be heard in archived podcasts on