A Four-Year-Old Headache
March 2, 2011 By Tasan Thompson

So you think a migraine or a hangover is unbearable? Try having a four-inch rusty knife in your head for four years.

In Southern China, 37-year old Li Fuyan was suffering from severe headaches, breathing difficulties, and bad breath. Unfortunately, no one knew the answer to his symptoms until doctors performed an X-ray of Fuyan's skull only to find the blade in his lower jaw.

Fuyan was involved in an armed robbery four years ago where he was stabbed without noticing and the blade broke inside his head.

X-ray images show the knife resting behind the man's throat.

"As time passed, I used injections to kill the pain in my head and ears," Li told CCTV.

The surgeons at People's Hospital of Yuxi described his situation as a "miracle" since "no scars or wounds were found," according to Xu Wen, deputy director of the hospital's Stomatology Department.

On February 18, the surgical procedure was a success.

The surgeons were able to remove the knife without breaking the blade.

Dr. Eugene Flamm, chairman of Neurosurgery at New York's Montefiore Medical Center, was also astonished when he discovered through the X-ray images that the knife missed the carotid artery and other structures.

Fuyan is now in stable condition and glad for the relief.

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