Spring Into Fashion Show, a Great Success
May 2, 2012 By Alicia Ramsay

In honor of her late mother and namesake of her fashion line, Donna Weekes of Ethel Fashion hosted a pre-mother's day fashion show on Saturday, April 28.

Friends of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, New York was the place to be with its zestful music and tasty appetizers among other highlights.

Sheets of white cloth cascaded from the ceiling as guests entered the venue. The elegance of the show was reminiscent of Ethel Fashion's Caribbean Extravaganza hosted last September.

Models, petite to plus size and of varying ethnicities, cat-walked in garments fit for a day at the beach or even a formal night out. There was even a collection featured for teen girls who like to rock summer dresses and casual wear.

Among the vibrant orange, yellow and red, Weekes also incorporated her favorite color black, along with blue, her mother's favorite color.

She composed designs that would have left her mother in awe. Her pieces were inspired by European royalty, Valentino and Laurent 70s styles. With these inspirations woven together, the collection titled "The Color of Love" comprised elegant fitted tops, pencil skirts and trousers.

Her "Color Emote" and "Lollipop" collection featured flared skirts, trousers and loose blouses in bright pink, green, orange and yellow. The theme of each collection echoed fun and passion.

Guests were serenaded by songstress Abena Amory Powell of the island of Nevis and YouTube sensation J'Sun of Brooklyn, New York after the first half of the show.

Weekes made her appearance on the runway during the final collection of designs while the crowd commended her with cheers. Following the fashion show, many stayed behind to celebrate Weeke's birthday and congratulate the lady of the night.

Spring Into Fashion, Then and Now was sponsored by Friends of Crown Heights, Bella Rose Beauty, Designs by MOE, ABC Real Estate, Junius Transmission, Springer Printing Services LLC, Dona Donatein and NEWD Magazine.

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