In the Mix Judge Christine Vaindirlis Performs June 2
May 16, 2012 By Tiffani Knowles

Christine Vaindirlis, one of the official judges of "In The Mix" Talent Search Competition, will be featured in concert at 9 p.m. on Saturday, June 2 at DROM, 85 Avenue A in New York City.

Born in London, raised in Johannesburg, South Africa during the most horrific and diabolic era of apartheid, intolerant of the political injustice, Vaindirlis searched for the first opportunity to pursue her passion for music and take her to new horizons.

At the mere age of 17, she moved to Milan, Italy, with a full scholarship under her belt and not a word of Italian, to train as an opera singer at the "Conservatorio di Milano G.Verdi" and later the "Teatro della Scala di Milano", but that wasn't enough. She wanted to have her own voice that would speak her thoughts and what was in her heart. She was endowed "The Berklee College of Music Achievement Scholarship" for Contemporary Writing & Production and Performance as a Voice principal, focusing on composition, arranging, orchestration, and production for a live and studio audience.

However, her ambition to experiment with world music on a different level drew her to New York City in 2005 where she produced an album that would capture the essence and energy of her dearly missed South Africa, enriched by her global chops and the Berklee experience which had pushed her envelope further."Dance Mama!", a ten track original collection of South African Funk-Jazz, with three of the tracks reaching the finals and semi-finals of the USA, International (ISC) and UK Songwriting Competitions respectively, has received airplay in the US, Europe and South Africa, and on the in-flight World Music play-lists on Continental, Copa, Sri Lankan, Caribbean and United Airlines.

In 2010, Vaindirlis was featured on CNN International, NBC's New York Non-Stop, ESPN and Time Out New York. She has since had the privilege of performing at many prestigious music venues around the world, among which the Blue Note in New York City.Vaindirlis' voice of her deeply personal experience and transcontinental life has culminated in her songs and remains a source of profound happiness and gratitude, the sunny disposition that echoes throughout her work.

*bio excerpted from Ubuntu World Music

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