Renown Pastor may run for NYC Mayor
January 17, 2013 By Alicia Ramsay

Christian Cultural Center's Pastor A.R. Bernard announced to the New York Daily News on Jan. 5 that he is considering running for NYC Mayor.

After being approached by GOP boss Ed Cox, Bernard deeply considered the idea for a month.

"What a guy! Isn't he something?" said Cox. "He's a terrific preacher, and very down to earth, a success as a businessman... and look what he's done also for his community with the C.C.C. Quite extraordinary."

A husband and father of seven sons, Bernard stated that he is not driven by political ambitions.

"It would be motivated by my love and concern for this city," he said to the Daily News. "I have 35,000 members who will be impacted by whatever happens."

The current Long Island, NY resident and registered Republican has plans to move to New York City by next month with his wife, regardless of whether he joins the race for NYC Mayor.

Bernard has spent 10 years in banking and is known by mentionable figures in politics and business. His religious influence and impact in his community has prompted many candidates for NYC public office to visit his Brooklyn-based church.

Bernard's announcement has pleasantly surprised many people who plan to support him if he takes on this new position.

"Dr. A R Bernard's ministry and wisdom have impacted my life in such an uplifting, transformative way," said Edwina Findley-Dickerson, Hollywood actress and a member of his church before moving to Los Angeles.

Findley-Dickerson and her husband Kelvin Dickerson, a member of Bernard's International Christian brotherhood, were married by Bernard three months ago at Christian Cultural Center.

"I can only imagine that, as mayor, Dr. Bernard would encourage the same culture of excellence, success, and integrity in the lives of New Yorkers as he has to over 35,000 congregants for years," said Findley-Dickerson.

At time of publication, Christian Cultural Center didn't respond with confirmation of Bernard's candidacy.

Currently, mayoral hopefuls include Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, John C. Liu, NYC comptroller, Bill de Blasio, NYC public advocate and William C. Thompson Jr., former NYC comptroller.

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