Ex-Pentecostal Pastor publishes atheist memoir
June 26, 2013By Tiffani Knowles

Ex-Pentecostal Pastor Jerry Dewitt released a new book this month about how he lost his faith and found hope in atheism two years ago.

Jerry DeWitt, a public speaker and leader in the American atheism movement, released his first book on June 25 titled Hope after Faith: An Ex-Pastor's Journey from Belief to Atheism.

Dewitt is a former pastor of two evangelical churches, who publicly converted to atheism in 2011 after 25 years of Christian ministry.

It was a late night in May of that year that a member of Dewitt’s church in DeRidder, Louisiana, called seeking prayer for her brother who had been in a serious accident. DeWitt searched for the right words to console her but he couldn’t find them. It was in that moment, he found that the faith that served to guide his life had finally crumbled to dust.

When DeWitt came out publicly as an atheist, he was shunned by much of DeRidder’s highly religious community, losing nearly everything he’d known.

"Even though I'm now no longer a believer in the divine or supernatural, I am still very much a believer in Hope, Love and Individualism,” wrote Dewitt in a self-penned Huffington Post column. "[This] is why I have traveled the country over the last year preaching a secular message based on humanist values.”

Dewitt also still believes in the benefits of community and fellowship.

According to CNN.com, he is using his pastoral experience to building an atheist church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

On Sunday, June 23, DeWitt's congregation held its first meeting as a "Community Mission Chapel."

"When you become a part of this congregation, this community, you are going to become part of a family," DeWitt told CNN. "There is an infrastructure there for you to land in. There is going to be someone there to do weddings and to do, unfortunately, the funerals."

Visitor Comments (2)
Posted By HMAY on August 20, 2013
Its kind of crazy that they host church services for atheists. In their unbelief, these atheists still choose to come together and fellowship in a church-like atmosphere. Hmm..I guess even as an ex-pastor he is called to minister to people.
It is sad.....
Posted By YRM777UP@ROCKETMAIL.COM on July 10, 2013
Mr. DeWitt, sad to hear that you left the comfort of your
bed and choose to wander in the street like a homeless
man. You probably did not really come to know Jesus Christ in your life personally, and therefore has no relationship with Him. You rejected the one who loved you so much that he gave His life for you, to give you not only the "real hope" but also "eternal life".
Another sad thing is that you will be dragging people to
hell with you. You are totally decieved, and I hope and pray that the Lord will open your eyes, and choose to
serve the "real God" before it is too late. Because if not,
then you maybe no different from Judas Iscariot who
betrayed Jesus.
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