Natural Hairnamix: Cold Days. Hot Oils.
November 13, 2013By Rossette Allen

Winter days can be a nightmare for women in general regardless of how their hair is worn. The trauma is however more evident for naturals because natural hair is already by nature very dry and this particular season brings additional crisp, dry air that attacks and often conquers the moisture in their tresses.

Naturals are forced to bring their A game in an attempt to combat the effects of this crucial weather on the hair. Routine remix is a must once this season emerges. No longer can they remain on the path once trod during the summer, spring and even fall months but major adjustments are necessary in order to entertain a pleasant natural hair experience during this potentially horrid season.


Not everyone is as blessed enough to be geographically located in regions that enjoy fairly warm weather year round and so for a large number of naturals the only option is to take the necessary precautionary and preventative methods to preserve the health of their hair. The best way to maintain the health of natural hair, as we may know is to keep it well conditioned and moisturized. There are various ways to introduce and maintain moisture in natural hair and while they can all be explored at various times, one very effective way is a Hot Oil Treatment.





What is a Hot Oil Treatment?



A Hot Oil Treatment is a process to help condition and treat dry, damaged or lifeless hair. This is done by heating and applying oils directly to the hair. Hot Oil Treatment is a temporary but effective solution to dry, brittle or damaged

hair. It is a form of deep conditioning as it introduces moisture to and improves the strength of the hair shaft.



What tools are needed for a Hot Oil Treatment?




Natural Oils


Finger Tips

Plastic Cap

Towel Cap/Towel




How is a Hot Oil Treatment done?



Step 1:

The treatment is done by placing 2-3 Tbsp. of natural oil in a bottle. A half a cup of water should then be heated and the bottle with the oil placed inside the cup in order to warm it. Heating the oil increases the moisturizing and emollient properties and it gently repairs the hair and soothes the scalp. There is also the option of warming the oil on a stove top or in the microwave but that is not my personal preference as in some weird kind of way I think the direct heat zaps some of the nutrients. The oil heats up pretty quickly so after a minute you can check to see if it is warm enough to be applied to your hair. Be sure to test the oil on your arm first and not just proceed to place it on the scalp before testing.






Step  2:

Once the temperature has been checked and determined to be safe, the oil can then be applied to the entire length of hair and also massaged into the scalp. It is best to use a bottle with an applicator cap in order to safely and effectively apply the oil to your hair. For one thing, pouring it into your palms can be extremely messy and can be rather awkward to maneuver onto the hair. The applicator tip also helps to gain easy access to the hair roots and aids in the even distribution of the oil. Once the oil has been applied the hands can then be used to smooth it into the strands and the finger tips to massage the scalp to stimulate the follicles and promote circulation.

The Hot Oil Treatment can be done on dry hair or damp hair and the question of which yields better results is still being debated by the experts. I have tried both and cant say that I really notice a difference but would lean more towards doing it on dry hair as water temporarily alters the structure of hair and as such I would think it interferes with the absorption of the oils.




Step 3:

After the oil is generously applied, a plastic cap should be used to cover the hair and a towel cap or towel placed over the plastic cap. The oil is allowed to remain in the hair for about 15-30 minutes before it is thoroughly washed out and your regular was day regimen applied. The result will be very soft silky hair which will be able to better able to stand up to the winter weather woes.








How often should a Hot Oil Treatment be done?




The frequency of a Hot Oil Treatment will vary from one person to another. When your hair is severely damaged or during the winter weather where hair tends to dry out a lot, weekly or bi-weekly treatments are suggested. Under regular circumstances one per month is perfectly okay.




What are the benefits of a Hot Oil Treatment?





A Hot Oil Treatment gives the hair moisture and it conditions and softens natural hair very effectively. It helps to restore life to hair that has been damaged by, heat, color, excess manipulation and adverse weather. The oils penetrate the hair shaft and moisturize it from the inside out. It also helps to tame those unwanted frizz and make for more polished looking hair.

The Hot Oil Treatment also helps with dry scalp and dandruff by conditioning the scalp and eradicating dryness. Including oils with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties such as Tea Tree or Peppermint Oil will help in this regard.





What kinds of Oils are used in a Hot Oil Treatment?




The decision as to what oils are used for a Hot Oil Treatment is strictly left up to the individual. There are pre made over the counter oil blends made for this purpose but the fact is that most persons just pull out their "mixtress” hat and put together their own homemade treatment by mixing together their favorite oils. It is perfectly okay to use only one type of oil and still get great results but the popular thing to do is to combine 2-3 different carrier oils and maybe a couple drops of essential oil. The most frequently used carrier oils are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil etc. Essential Oils commonly used are Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, and Tea Tree Oil to name a few.



The Winter may be one of the most dreaded seasons of the year not only because of the discomfort of contending with the frigid weather, but also because it makes the life of a natural more difficult as they prepare for combat on the "Battlefield of Dryness”. The Hot Oil Treatment is a reliable ally, offering the necessary weaponry to fight this not easily beaten giant of dryness. Be sure to embrace and include this process in your hair care regimen as it will result in softer, shinier, more manageable hair.








Candie's Natural Hairnamix was birthed a few months after Jamaican native Rossette "Candie" Allen began her natural hair journey in May 2010. She gears this column toward naturals, transitioning naturals, aspiring naturals and the naturally curious, sharing experiences, expertise and experiments while celebrating emancipation from chemical slavery.








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