Natural Hairnamix: Holiday Gift Ideas
November 27, 2013By Rossette Allen

Christmas is a very special holiday and for the vast majority it is the favorite time of the year. Celebrating the Savior, spreading good cheer, spending quality time fellowshipping with friends and family, enjoying the mouth-watering spread of food, and gift giving are just a few of the events that set this holiday apart.


Everyone loves the idea of receiving gifts. There is a certain excitement that comes with unwrapping a gift of any sort. Even though there is much truth to that, there is no denying that after the big reveal, there may be a little hint of disappointment if the gift received is not useful or if it doesn’t at all identify with who you are.


Have you ever gotten a gift certificate for a hair treatment for bleached hair when you don’t even have color in your hair?


What about getting a pair of earrings for pierced ears when your ears aren’t pierced?


I strongly believe in gifting things not just because they look pretty but based on need and usefulness. Although it is my personal preference, I can almost safely say that most people will be more receptive to something that they can use as opposed to just another random, thoughtless gift.


It helps to know a little bit about the person who you are getting a gift for or at least make subtle observations to determine the things that they may like or have need of. Don’t get me wrong, I am from the islands and I strongly believe that it is the thought that counts, but at the same time there has to be some thought to count, if you get my drift. I also know that the task of Christmas shopping is not an easy one and it can become very physically and mentally draining. It is with that in mind that I thought I would share some suitable gift ideas for naturals.


Naturals are usually very passionate about their journey and generally spend a pretty penny to maintain their tresses. They are always in pursuit of ways to improve the health and appearance of their hair. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be very difficult to come up with suitable gift ideas for someone who sports their hair natural. Below is a list of five ideas or suggestions for appropriate and useful holiday gifts that will be appreciated by most ladies who wear their hair this way:



1.     Natural Hair Products Subscription Services – Subscription-based purchases are on the rise and are loved because they present an element of surprise. Who doesn’t like surprises??? The idea behind subscription-based companies is that for a flat rate, you are able to get a package of items which usually vary from month to month. The beauty about this is that the items are typically valued higher than the cost for the subscription and it offers a great way to be able to try various products offered by different natural hair vendors.


 CurlKit is one of these subscription services, providing between 6-9 product samples in a surprise box each month. These often include full sized products which are from some of the most popular natural hair product lines. The subscriptions are fairly inexpensive, reasonably priced at $20 per month. As a bonus, CurlKit will offer holiday specials for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Their Black Friday sale offers 25% off all non-subscription based products storewide on and for Christmas they offer 10% off the purchase of your first CurlKit when you use coupon code “CKXMAS.”


This is a great gift idea and you can opt to pay for only a couple of months, leaving the option open for the recipient of the gift to take over future payments or cancel the subscription if they so choose. This gift idea will leave your naturalista grinning from ear to ear as they enjoy this special treat.



2.     Natural Hair Books – The pursuit of knowledge concerning the many facets of natural hair and the quest to seek a greater understanding of how natural hair acts and reacts keep us constantly researching. A very reliable source of information is books and over time the natural hair book collection has been growing steadily in numbers. A gift of a natural hair book is a sure win in the challenge of gift giving. Here are some options


  •  Better Than Good Hair or The Curly Girl Guide to Healthy, Gorgeous Natural Hair by well-known natural hair guru Nikki Walton, more popularly known as Curly Nikki, in the natural hair community.


  • The Secrets of Going Natural: The Ultimate Guide to Loving your Natural Hair by Zenobia and Anthony Jackson


  •  The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy


  •  Grow It by Chicoro


These books are great reads for any natural, despite the stage that they are in their hair journey.


The perfect gift idea that will definitely not be set aside to collect dust and would be appreciated by anyone who is serious about the health and appearance of their natural hair.



3.     Natural Hair Event Tickets – Different cities around the country host natural hair events periodically. There is usually a cover charge to enter these events. Such events offer the platform for naturals to meet together in one place to socialize, learn and be entertained. These shows are usually well planned and employ professional educators who impart a great deal of information to naturals that will help them to better deal with their hair. These events include


  • Live demonstrations by experienced stylists showcasing their talents by creating a wide array of hairstyles on models ranging from very easy to the more intricate.


  • Vendors of some of the most popular natural hair products have booths where their products can be sampled and bought at a reduced rate.


  • Bonus surprises such as fashion shows, spot prizes and giveaways are offered.


This is nothing short of being in “natural hair heaven.” Gifting two tickets to an upcoming natural hair show in their area should be sure to score you cool points in the eyes of any natural.


4.     Natural Hair Apparel – Natural hair-related clothing lines have capitalized on the new craze and enthusiasm about natural hair. Naturals today are proud of their hair and are usually all too happy to let the world know how they feel about it.


One of the more popular ways of displaying this pride is by wearing apparel that are specially designed with images related to natural hair and catch phrases boasting their confidence with being natural. The most popular garments are T-Shirts. This would make a great gift item for naturals and is a great addition to the collection of both the fashion forward and the conservative alike.


A quick surf of the World Wide Web will present a wealth of options and a variety of designs from which to choose. This holiday gift will leave the natural in your life all dolled up.






5.     Satin Pillow Cases – This is a necessity for all naturals to have in their collection as it will provide that soft, silky, smooth surface for them to lay their head. Using a satin pillowcase will prevent hair from drying out and also prevents friction that can cause breakage. Regular cotton pillowcases can have drying effects on natural hair and tend to rob it of its much needed moisture. Many naturals, although aware of this fact, do not own satin pillowcases, maybe because they are pricier than their rougher counterpart. This is another excellent gift for just about any one and would be greatly appreciated especially by a natural.



Gift-giving should not be a stressful activity. The process of acquiring gifts can be a pleasant one if the above items are considered. If there is still uncertainty about whether or not the suggested items will be to the liking of that special natural in your life, there is always the safe option of getting a gift card that can be used to complete any purchase


In all your giving, give love this Christmas, at the end of the day that is really what matters most.  No amount of gifts can ever replace that.


Best wishes for the Holidays… from my family to yours!!!  





Candie's Natural Hairnamix was birthed a few months after Jamaican native Rossette "Candie" Allen began her natural hair journey in May 2010. She gears this column toward naturals, transitioning naturals, aspiring naturals and the naturally curious, sharing experiences, expertise and experiments while celebrating emancipation from chemical slavery.


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