Body+Soul: 3 Ways to Unleash the Dragon(breath)
May 15, 2014 ē By Shari Grant

You know itís happened to you. Youíre deep in conversation with someone and then you suddenly get a strong whiff of their less-than-wonderful breath. Instant conversation killer, isnít it? For some of us, an Altoid does the trick and for others, it requires a little more TLC. So letís look at the causes and some of the solutions for this common problem.

1. Food

It only makes sense that certain foods may lead to kickiní breath, right? Sitting in a meeting where lunch is provided? You may want to stay away from the garlic bread or salad laden with raw onions. Spicy foods, cheeses, coffee and acidic drinks may cause bad breath, as well. Want to keep it from being a problem? Try to avoid or at least limit your intake of some of these foods, especially at times when you will be in close company with others.

2. Dry Mouth

Xerostomia, or dry mouth, is definitely another cause of bad breath. It could be due to the use of certain medications like antihistamines or even dehydration. Saliva helps to flush the mouth free of bacteria and odor-causing particles. Notice that in the morning breath can be a little moreÖerÖinteresting than at other times during the day? Well this can be attributed to dry mouth. Morning breath may even be a little worse for those who sleep with their mouths open (the mouth dries out more). So, increase your fluid consumption.

3. Poor Oral Hygiene

We know that brushing your teeth (and scraping/brushing your tongue!) can help keep breath fresher. Often, people seem to ignore flossing regularly, but itís definitely important. The food particles that are left behind between teeth can begin rotting, which lends to bad breath. Regular brushing and flossing can also prevent plaque buildup, cavities and gum disease, which can all cause a funky odor, too. People with dentures and braces may also have trouble with bad breath because of the food particles that may become lodged in them. So floss, brush, and scrape your tongue at least twice a day!

Itís a problem that is embarrassing to deal with at times, whether itís our issue or that of someone we know. Try the basics mentioned here. If these solutions arenít addressing your bad breath issue, donít be afraid to seek the advice of your doctor or dentist. There are tons of other factors that bad breath can be attributed to, more than can be addressed in an article.


Shari Grant is a Registered Nurse in South Florida, where she was raised in a (very!) Jamaican home. Some of the loves of her life are words (both reading and writing them) and missions work. She enjoys spending time with friends and family while living for a good laugh - one that makes her belly ache and her eyes water. Her bottom line goal in life is to make the Lord smile and maybe even serve Him up a chuckle from time to time, too.


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