Why Christian Singles Need to Enroll in Love 101 Next Semester
December 9, 2016

Be honest with yourself. Which one describes you?


Do all of your friends seem to be getting married around you yet your Prince or Princess charming still eludes you?

Are you getting over a break-up that you just didn't see coming?

Have your relationships with the opposite sex never moved past the "dating" phase?

Have you been hurt so badly in past relationships that you can't seem to muster the courage to love again?

Do you think that God will never fulfill your lifelong desire to get married?


If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you're one of many Christian singles who are struggling with L-O-V-E.

As of 2010 in America, only 40-50 percent of young adults aged 25-29 are married. That's a 40 precent decline since 1970. And, of that group, how many of these marriages are truly happy? How many are truly in love?

What many fail to recognize is that love or the lack thereof dictates many facets of one's life. Things like a person’s finances, job choice, family, legacy, emotional well-being, spiritual growth are all dictated by the presence or the absence of love. If that’s the case, you would think institutions across America would offer a course on how to do it.


Yeah, in college, there are courses in gender theory, communication studies and human sexuality, yet none of these delve into the practical aspects of how to start and maintain a healthy relationship with the opposite sex. If a college did in fact offer a course like this, you can be sure that hands would be raised, eyes would be wide and mouths would be salivating over the prospect of learning the secrets L-O-V-E. Secrets that for years have been viewed as too nuanced or not defined enough to teach – something that just isn’t true!


With all of the headache and heartache that young adults have suffered under the misconceptions and the ill practices of love, many are railing: “I’ve had it! Someone’s gonna teach me about love, even if I have to pay them to do it.” (FYI: The going rate per-credit-hour at a local university is about $450.) So, these singles must be that frustrated.


Here are 6 reasons that every God-fearing single in America needs to take a Love 101 class:


1.     Poor Female Models


From the Tami Roman aggressive-type featured on Basketball Wives to the Heather Dubrow gold-digging type on Real Housewives, young women in America have not received the best education on submission. They’re taught to resist, to challenge and to upbraid a man. They’re taught that they should manipulate a man’s ego and emotions to get what they want. They’re taught to be super independent and that they can do “bad” all by themselves. They learn that anything a man can do, they can do better. However, in order for a woman to be in successful in a marriage for the rest of her life, she must learn to concede a point, to let a man do what makes him happy, to allow him the right to make decisions (even if she thinks they’re not the best). Many of these less-than-desirable behaviors are gonna have to be unlearned.


2.     The Differences in Male and Female Brain and Biology


God made men and women differently. This starts at reproductive organs, but doesn’t stop there.  Studies have found that women may have better verbal memory and social cognition and men’s brains have more connections within hemispheres to optimize motor spatial skills. He may have more fun doing athletic activities with his guyfriends and she may have more fun having brunch with her girlfriends.


Ragini Verma, an associate professor of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania medical school, says a woman’s brain is more connected between hemispheres to combine analytical and intuitive thinking. So, that female intuition she has, a man just doesn’t.


Both men and women need to learn how to talk and interact with each other without faulting each other for being a man or a woman.


3.     American Marriages End in Divorce


Living in a country where about half of the marriages – many of them Christian-  start out deliriously happy at the altar yet come to a halt in a vicious court case at the end of 4 years makes one very hesitant to venture down that road. Celebrity marriages are even worse. Brangelina and Kimye, come on. So, then why should someone think that their marriage is going to be any different? Without some serious reflection and study, the odds - quite frankly - are not in their favor.


4.     You Need a Cheat Sheet


Before you take a final exam in a college class, a professor will teach you the concepts throughout the entire semester. Then, just before the exam, he/she offers students a study sheet as well as an in-class review of the test concepts.


How is it that you think you’re going to be ready for forever in marriage with a measly 3-week pre-marital counseling class?


No, sir. You need a cheat sheet. You need something to reference when times get hard. And, of course, the Bible is a great start. However, the Bible isn’t explicit concerning modern-day struggles like baby mama drama or pornography or Facebook friends who wanna be more.


5.     Doctors Go to Medical School. Lawyers go to Law School. Wives should go to….


If doctors and lawyers study and train for years before they ever put a scalpel to human flesh or represent an alleged murderer in court, then how long should partners study before they can be trusted with someone’s heart? These truly are life or death matters here, just the same. The Proverbs say to guard one’s heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life.   How can you ask a men or a woman to start making themselves vulnerable and you do the same without having even learned how to treat them?


6.     Churches Spend No Time on this AT ALL


It is quite disappointing how churches have neglected their responsibility of preparing young adults for marriage. For years, rhey have been very eager to marry couples off because that ensures that they’ll be out of Satan’s path of “sexual temptation.” However, when these couples run into serious problems in their marriage a few years down the road, then ministers then have to try to apply bandages to the wounds? Prevention is truly key. It’s why you eat healthy foods now so you don’t need a gastric bypass later. Some churches may have vibrant marriage ministries but no training for pre-wives or pre-husbands. This is a recipe for disaster. This is why you have so many “super-Christian, tongue-talking, preach-me-happy” men and “prayer warrior, devil-chasing, Bible-believing” women who know diddly-squat about how to keep a spouse happy.


Now, what if there were a college-level course that can meet the aforementioned needs? Would you value yourself, your future spouse and your forever happiness enough to invest a lot of time and a little bit of money? Would you have both the guts and the humility to say, "I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know all there is to know about loving a woman like Christ loved the church. I don't know how to submit to a man and call him 'lord' like Sarah did in the Bible." Do you care enough about the heart that God will entrust you withi n the never future? Are you willing to be an open vessel? Are you willing to rid yourself of what you've been told and even what you know about love? Are you?


If you've answered yes to any of these questions, then you are a candidate for a brand new course created by Christian relationship coach and Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner Tobi Atte. This transformative 6-week course is designed to teach you everything you need to know about having a successful marriage and unteach you all the toxic and unhelpful information you’ve been socialized to believe about it. This is a serious course for serious applicants only. If you don't fit the criteria, do not apply.


CLICK HERE to find out more about enrollment in the inaugural class of the course called Ready for Forever. If you use the coupon code – rffnewd – then you will receive 13 percent off the advertised price.


Think of it this way. Invest a small amount in the principles of partner L-O-V-E now and save a lifetime of heartache. Don't be the one to call up your pastor in a few years after boasting wedded bliss for six months and say, “Marriage is just not what I thought it would be. I think I want a div-.”

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