New Autobiographical Novel on Russian Mail Order Bride
January 8, 2021By Tiffani Knowles

citizenship, mail order bride, russianAs a start to the new year, author Masha Era flashes back in time to write her own autobiographical novel entitled Cold month April, Warm month December where she tells of her life as a Russian mail order bride.

A Russian mail order bride. Yes, you read that right.


Using a tongue in cheek, sometimes, sordid tone, Era describes her life as a single mom who lists herself with an international marriage matching agency that works to find her a husband in the United States.


A common decision for women living in developing nations like Ukraine, Russia, Colombia, Brazil, China, Thailand, and the Philippines, Era could never have imagined what her life would become after setting foot onto the shores of America.  Terrorized by her cowboy husband, this leads her down a dangerous trail of love gained and love lost.


Her road to freedom in America was not paved without a mix of joys, tears and pains.


The book Cold month April, Warm month December is now available in digital and paperback copies.




Tiffani Knowles is the managing editor and founder of NEWD Magazine. Her hope is to become as "newd" as possible on a daily by embracing truth, authenticity and socio-spiritual awareness. She is bi-vocational as she is the owner of two businesses and a professor of Communication at Barry University in Miami, Florida. She is also the co-author of HOLA America: Guts, Grit, Grind and Further Traits in the Successful American Immigrant.


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