Emmanuel Jal is a former child soldier who at six years old was fighting on the side of the rebel army in Sudan’s bloody civil war. The pain and tragedy he experienced was unimaginable. And, after being rescued in his teens, Emmanuel started singing to help ease this pain. In 2005, he released his first album, Gua, which became a number one hit in Kenya. Now, he is acclaimed worldwide for his unique style of hip hop with its message of peace and reconciliation. His music can be heard alongside Coldplay on the fundraising ‘Warchild - Help a Day in the Life’ album, on ER and in the movie Blood Diamond. His new album ‘Warchild’ was released iin May 2008. Most recently, Emmanuel has become the subject of an award-winning documentary called War Child.

Visit www.emmanueljal.com for more information.

Emmanuel was featured on our Children of War program which aired March 1, 2009.