Diana received a B.A. in Business Economics/Accounting and Chinese at the University of California Santa Barbara and a Masters in Public Administration at Wagner, New York University. She is currently a senior consultant at a firm that specializes in governmental services.
In the summer of 2008, Diana had the privilege of meeting a young girl named Nomi in Cambodia who suffered from a mental impairment due to her traumatic experience in the brothels. Diana could identify with Nomi's story because she also faced economic insecurity due to her mother's mental illness during her childhood. Fortunately, Diana lived in a country with a social system that insulated her from the vulnerabilities. Diana believes that she has been blessed with opportunities to rise above her circumstances and that "to whom much is given much is required." Nomi Network was founded on the principle that it is important to attack the supply side of human trafficking by increasing the economic opportunities of women who are vulnerable to sex-trafficking. Nomi Network aims to leverage the marketplace, film, and fashion industries to eradicate sex slavery.

Visit www.nominetwork.org for more information.

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