Dre Marshall hails from Rochester, NY, but calls South Florida his home. He lives out these words "It's not a career...It's a Movement." From eclectic, rhythmic poetic flows to the pulsating urban tracks resonating behind his words, Dre Marshall uses music as a device to illustrate his passion for promoting the Gospel.

Dre has contributed to The Prafitz "Nazarene Moments," "Just Like Fire." the soundtrack, Kurtiz Blow presents "Hip Hop Ministry,"Prodigal Son's "Rhythm and Street," and "My Block," J Blaze's "Christ-mas in Miami Nice City," and a host of other underground mixtapes and compilations.

Visit www.myspace.com/dremarshall for more information.

Dre was featured on our Musicians are Such Players program which aired March 29, 2009.