At the same time he was attending the University of Ghana, Kobina Aidoo played a pivotal role in launching private television in his country, creating shows for the pioneering Metro TV. He went on to major in Broadcast Communications at Barry University in Miami, Florida. He has worked as new media producer for Warner Bros. Publications, Intel Computer Clubhouse,  the Boston Museum of Science and the MIT Media Lab.

In 2005, he switched from his MBA studies to pursue a Master of Public Policy degree at Harvard Kennedy School of Government where he was Chief Editor of the Africa Policy Journal and a student delegate at the 2007 International Achievement Summit. He has performed independent consulting work for the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates, the Office of the President of Rwanda, and currently works in Washington DC as a public policy consultant for a major multinational. He doesn't think of himself as a filmmaker. He considers himself a public policy analyst with a camera, and aims to make compelling, analytical documentaries of public consequence.
He is the writer, director and producer of the documentary film The Neo-African Americans.

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Kobina was featured on our Neo African-Americans program which aired April 19, 2009.