Victor Victizzle Akata is a music producer and songwriter from the United Kingdom.
Born July 4th 1989 in East London, Victor Akata AKA Victizzle discovered his love for music at the early age of 7 and began his creativity of music at the age of 12, whilst at secondary school. Having a strong passion for producing beats, he decided to take his music more seriously and began writing songs at 14 and pursued his dream from then onwards.

In 2004, he saw the meeting of the rap group G-Force, which Victizzle joined alongside his best friend Mark Asare as the groups two young Music producers. This is where Victizzle decided to take a positive path and follow Jesus Christ, beginning his relationship with God and using his gifts and talents to inspire his peers and many more.

In 2007 he saw the year that the G-Force album was finally released, which then went on to win a MOBO award the same year. This was a great success for Victizzle at the age of 17.

Having produced for many artists such as Guvna B, Faith Child, the Bibles Bibles Crew and performing on stages in venue's such as Hackney Empire, Ocean and Excel Centre in front of over 20,000 people, Victizzle continued his journey into working on his own solo album and working alongside his new found friend and music partner, Tunday.

Now only 19, Victizzle and Tunday both released their solo albums on June 13th 2009, at was seen to be the best album launch ever attended in the UK, which saw over 2,000 people, packed in the Ocean Venue in Hackney, London/UK.

Both Albums are making an immensely positive impact in the community and are now pushing for worldwide release!

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Victizzle was featured on our War…what is it good for program which aired on November 15, 2009.