Christa Brown is a sex abuse survivor and National Baptist Outreach Director of (SNAP) Survivors Network of Those abused by Priests.

Christa Brown  maintains the website. She is a wife, mother, attorney, jazz-lover, slow-runner, and a Southern Baptist abuse survivor.

As a naive 16-year-old growing up in a North Texas Baptist church in the 1960s, she was pressured into having a sexual relationship with her youth minister. The married pastor told Brown it was God's will and justified his marital infidelity by citing Bible verses about concubines - then excoriated her as a satanic temptress when his wife found out.

When Brown reported the abuse to another church leader, the minister, like so many Catholic priests we've since heard about, was transferred to another congregation. No police investigation. No announcement to the congregation.

The realization set Brown on a journey toward healing, a path that would lead her through anxiety attacks, thoughts of suicide, counseling and eventually activism on behalf of victims.

Like her Catholic friends who tried to effect institutional change, Brown said she encountered hurdles and denial and indifference among Baptist leaders in the national and state conventions. Her abuser, who finally left the ministry after serving different churches, never faced charges. And Baptist leaders have yet to create a national database of abusers or a central reporting point for victims.

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Christa Brown was featured on our Pulpit Predators program which aired on January 17, 2010.