Just Thinking: Emotions vs. Intellect
September 7, 2011 By V. Knowles

"Come now let us reason together," says the Lord. Isaiah1:18

Thou shalt love the Lord with all thy heart, with all thy soul and with all thy MIND. Mark 12:29

The Pew Research Agency conducted a survey recently in the Muslim community. As of August 2011, Muslims in America feel that the majority of Americans view them suspiciously and regard them as terrorists not to be trusted.

This condition can create a sense of isolation and cause people to become increasingly uncomfortable in their native or adopted country. This then leads to a natural consequence of stereotyping, segregation, discrimination. The final solution per Nazi Germany is imprisonment then death.

As I am fond of saying, "The more things change, the more they remain the same."

If at this point you may be feeling smug or self-assured, come travel back with me in history, review and take note.

Do you see Native Americans with broken treaties, reservations, malnutrition and alcohol addiction?

Do you see migrant Mexican workers subsisting on slave wages in hopeless barrios?

Do you see loyal Japanese Americans restrained in internment camps like Manzanar?

Do you see cruel Jim Crow laws in the south that paralyzed African Americans?

Do you see signs on Miami Beach and elsewhere that warn "No Jews Allowed?"

People who are not presently in the cross hairs of life forget so easily and conveniently that what goes around, comes around.

To channel Martin Luther King, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

I know it is difficult, but you must separate emotion from intellect. You must not allow the poison of pain to prevent you from making a rational decision.

Because the world trade center bombers happened to be Muslim does not mean that all Muslims are evil.

Because a black man snatched your grandmother's purse does not mean that all black people are thieves.

Because white men lynched and raped your ancestors does not mean that all white people are murderous rapists.

Because a Jewish banker squandered your life savings in a Ponzi scheme does not mean that all Jewish people are crooked Shylocks.

Furthermore, this may be a revelation to you.

Not all Italians are members of the Mafia.

Not all Jamaicans are running with the posse (the lethal, notorious drug dealers of the '80s).

Not all Mexicans are decapitating people in Sinaloa, Mexico.

That is lazy and wicked to think that all people of a particular group or culture are the same because the perpetrator who injured you looks like them.

We human beings must control and master our emotions or risk becoming unbalanced and unreasonable.

It will take sweat, discipline, disappointment and effort.

It is not coincidental that the Greek word for school of education is gymnasium.

Take the time to know your neighbor.

Analyze and dissect each person individually.

Assume nothing. You know what is said about assume.

You must recognize and understand that all we are making this grand fuss about is the size of lips, the shape of a nose, the color of the eyes, the texture of the hair and the shade of the skin.

It's all related to the head. Be careful you do not become an emotional head case.

Or, as my Jamaican friends would say, "mek yuh her head tek you."

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Sad, but true
Posted By ALICIAR on September 11, 2011
In light of 9/11, I think stereotyping has gone to an all time high. I think even if someone's intellect tells them someone is not a terrorist or a thief, or whatever, there is always going to be that part of that person that is suspicious.

Frankly, it's hard not to be on our toes. It's not right, I agree, people should filter their suspicions before forming accusations. It will definitely take a while, it may decrease, but stereotyping will always be around.
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