International Keep it Kinky Day Celebrated on March 19
March 4, 2016By Tiffani Knowles

In honor of Women’s History Month, BlackNaturalHairstyles.Org presents the second annual International Keep it Kinky Day to celebrate women who are natural and to encourage women, who have have been on the fence, to wear their hair in its most natural state on March 19.


While a straighter, sleeker look may be generally accepted as most beautiful around the world, International Keep it Kinky Day was established in 2015 as a way to highlight women whose hair grows natural in curls, coils and kinks.


So, on March 19, Florida-based web lifestyle site will host a “Naturals Around the World” online broadcast to discuss style and maintenance tips featuring naturalistas from Miami, New York and Egypt.


Then, organizers are encouraging women to grab a group of their natural-haired friends, get dolled up and have a night on the town so that the general public can take in the beauty of natural hair.


Women who go out that night are encouraged to pose for selfies and group shots, to post them social media and to hashtag: #IKIK #KeepItKinky #NaturalsNightOut


For more information, visit and

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