Ignite NYC Attracts Attendees Made for Now
September 14, 2016

Ignite NYC, an anti-church-as-usual experience for the hip, young, urbanite who wants to meet God, find love and evolve into their best self, hosts its upcoming event on at 6 p.m. on October 16 at Smash Studios at 307 W. 36th Street. 18th Floor in New York City.


This is the fifth event since Ignite NYC kicked off last December. The theme is “Made for Now.”


“I think God is trying to extract more out of us and needs us to understand that that’s easy for him to do if we just believe that our lives have enough for God to extract anything from …let alone the great things he talks about,” said Tobi Atte, lead minister of Ignite NYC and founder of lifestyle website IJustMetMe.com  “Only thing is….God needs to have a moment by moment relationship with us in order for that to happen.”


Atte sees Ignite NYC as a supplement to the church in New York as it strips church down to the basics.


“Ignite provides an avenue where we can go back to basics but still be deep about it,” he said. “ It seeks to break down deep things of God into everyday application so that the word of God feels closer to reality and feels useful and relevant  for the complex world we live in now.”


Tosin Oyesile attended Ignite back in December and experienced something she hadn’t before in a church atmosphere.


“So many people are involved in the church but so much is going on within. We’re hiding that in our works,” said Oyesile. "This was different."


With songs, unorthodox testimonials, spoken work poetry and an intimate atmosphere, Ignite builds trust within a mostly millennial audience.


“We want people to become more and more aware of how useful they are to God even when they don’t think they are even useful to themselves,” said Atte.


Ignite NYC is free and open to the public. Register by clicking here.

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