Hurricane Irma Rips Through S. Florida
September 11, 2017 By Tiffani Knowles

Hurricane Irma ripped through South Florida on Sunday, Sept. 10 and many homes are affected by trees down, coastal flooding loss of power and home damage.


Nearly 2.2 million homes and businesses in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties sustained a loss of electricity on Sunday evening after Hurricane Irma assaulted the lower Florida Keys and thrashed South Florida.


Executives at Florida Power & Light told the Miami Herald that the wait could be several days or longer before electricity is restored.


As the storm tracked up the west coast of Florida to Naples and Marco Island, millions more are now without power. It is the largest power outage in the history of the light company, according to the FPL officials.


As of now, the storm has weakened and is not projected to devastate Georgia or the Carolinas in the severe way it did the state of Florida.


The following are photos taken from the Miami Lakes Shoma Homes community.


Tree Down in Miami Lakes Shoma Homes After Hurricane Irma Tree Fell on Car in Miami Lakes Shoma Homes After Hurricane IrmaOld Tree Uprooted in Miami Lakes Shoma Homes Due to Hurricane Irma

Debris and Water in Miami Lakes Shoma Homes After Hurricane IrmaTree Down in Miami Lakes Shoma Homes After Hurricane Irma

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