Entrepreneurs Pick Media mentors over Publicists
May 25, 2018By Tiffani Knowles

Have you ever wondered how so-called nobodies land interview slots on CNN, MSNBC, OWN or TBN? The quickest answer is a publicist. The smartest answer is media mentoring.

Media mentoring is the process by which a professional who either 1) works in media or public relations or 2) has had success in being featured on local and international media offers you advisement on the to-dos and not to-dos to garner the attention of reporters, news desks, bloggers and TV/radio producers.


Once you locate a media mentor, they will advise you on how to be attractive to the media, whether that be through:


·         Tweaking Your Bio

·         Creating Timely Press Releases

·         Creating Media-Friendly Social Media Posts

·         Optimizing your Web Presence

·         Signing Up for Media Interview Lists

·         Becoming a Field Expert and Influencer


K. Femi Akojenu, who is a media executive as well as a deliverance/spiritual warfare expert, has been featured in The New York Times, TBN, The New York Daily News and several other media platforms.


On June 2, he is offering an in-person/webinar for media mentoring at Life Zone TV studios in New York where he will teach you how to get your business, product or non-profit organization professional news coverage without paying thousands of dollars to a publicist.


In this 3-hour session, he will reveal the secrets many successful ministers and entrepreneurs have been using to promote themselves and their organizations.


Register NOW at https://getmeinthenews.eventbrite.com.

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