Emerging Technologies Disturbing Human Jobs in 2020
October 5, 2020By Artur Meyster

artificial-intelligenceHave you ever wondered if you are ready to overcome future challenges? Or if you got what it takes to remain competitive these days? The tech market is significantly affecting other industries. And emerging technologies are helping organizations to reach a whole new level.


By improving the implementation of new technologies, companies are changing how they operate. Today's processes are more effective and help organizations meet customers' demands. However, the use of new technologies is having a negative impact on the workforce. Some people are being left behind as their skills are no longer necessary.



You must identify what your strengths are. It'll help you to know if you got what it takes to survive the disruption process. But, if you've no idea what you need, here are some ways technologies are driving leading industries to disruption. This will allow you to realize what skills you need to learn to adapt and survive the disruption process.







1) Artificial Intelligence

Have you ever thought about how companies make their products "smart?" Nowadays, interacting with devices that "understand" what we say is common. Artificial intelligence is what allows systems to learn from experience, and it's gaining more ground as the years pass. In the digital era, personalized experiences are what make customers feel engaged. Machine learning and AI are being used by companies to provide more personalized services.



In the health care industry, AI-powered robots are being used to help doctors during surgeries. These robots can analyze previous procedures to implement better practices. They are quite handy as they are allowing doctors to save more human lives. Furthermore, AI-robots are helping nurses to take care of patients. By monitoring patients' health, these robots enable doctors to detect health problems on time.


One common application for machine learning and AI is automation. When systems can learn from experience, they can take action without human intervention. In the manufacturing industry, machine learning is being used to automate processes and increase companies' productivity. As a result, workers are losing their jobs as their roles are disappearing.


Robotic operators and engineers are replacing these workers in the manufacturing industry. As they can design, build, and maintain robots, they're helping companies to remain competitive. Today's employees need tech skills like object-oriented programming to meet employers' demands. So, if you're looking to stay relevant and be ready for coming challenges, you should enroll in a coding bootcamp.


General Assembly is a coding school that offers a wide variety of tech courses. With more than 25 campuses worldwide, the company provides you with the right skills to become a skilled coder. Their courses are available in full-time, part-time, and self-paced formats. No matter how busy you are, you have no excuse not to join their programs.     





augmented-reality2) Augmented Reality


Augmented reality is literally changing the world as we see it. And it's helping organizations provide better services and reduce costs. In the US, many organizations have lower profits because of product returns. Sometimes, products don't meet customers' expectations. But, with AR, the days of returning products are over.


In the retail industry, companies like Sephora are using AR to provide "try-before-you-buy" services. As customers can see how a product looks on them, they can decide whether to buy it or not. Companies like Home Depot are using AR to provide customers with 3D previews. Using their smartphone's camera, customers can see how the furniture fits in any space.


For travelers, AR is becoming an indispensable tool to break the language barrier. Google Lens app uses AR to do real-time translations. By pointing their phone's camera, tourists can translate signs, short texts, and even long texts like documents. Communication is no longer a struggle, so travelers can enjoy more pleasant trips.


In education, AR is improving teaching techniques. For example, in medicine, doctors can show body parts like muscles, veins, and even bones. The human body is very complex. But, with the help of AR, medicine students can get experience without being in a real-life situation.


Augmented reality is indeed helping companies to transform the market. However, many workers are losing their jobs because of this technology. For example, sales representatives are being displaced by digital marketers. Since customers are more likely to buy online, the need for sales representatives is decreasing. And with the use of mobile apps like Google Lens and Google Translate, the demand for human translators is also falling.


If you're willing to embrace changes and adapt, you should learn SEO skills. Whether you are a digital marketer, mobile developer, or web developer, learning SEO will help you to become an attractive candidate for any employer. 





3) Online Streaming

Online streaming is changing the rules of the game for companies in the TV and music industry. Since customers prefer to watch content online, traditional TV companies are being left behind. Firms like Netflix, Disney, and Hulu are leading the online streaming market. 

Customers love what they see and they love the overall experience. For example, by using the Netflix app, customers can receive suggestions based on previously watched content. They never get bored because there's always something they would like to watch.


For traditional record companies, the competition has become tougher. CDs are now old-fashioned. Apps like iTunes or Spotify are what makes the world go round. Spotify allows users to search any song, artist, or album they want to listen to. And if they want to create a customized playlist, they can also save and add songs to the library. 




4) Mobile Applications

In 2020, more companies are thinking about going "mobile." Smartphones have become indispensable for our everyday life. As using mobile apps makes your daily tasks much easier, these devices are no longer just used to make calls.


Imagine you need a cab right away. Years ago, it was common to call a traditional taxi company and wait about 30 minutes for the taxi to arrive. Thanks to mobile apps, the days of waiting for a cab are gone. Companies like Uber allow customers to ask for a taxi and only wait a few minutes. The Uber app uses GPS services and contacts the nearest driver. In other words, waiting times are reduced, and you don't even have to insert your address anymore.





In the new digital era, emerging technologies are helping companies to take big strides. They have caused a massive job disruption, but new vacancies are being created. If you want to keep your job and be ready for the future, you must adapt. Learning new tech skills will help you do this.


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